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Higher Education

We embrace the values of teaching, research, and service, as well as the unique intricacies, challenges, complexities and stressors that separate the academy

from any other sector.



  • Executive Coaching:  Addressing executive challenges, organizational behaviors, and effective leadership. 

  • Executive and Senior Leader Evaluations:  Performance reviews and robust assessment feedback processes.

  • Strategic Planning:  Facilitating strategy analysis, goal setting, and action plans with resource integration.

  • Team Building:  Supporting effective, high functioning executive and management teams.

  • Retreat Facilitation:  Designing and guiding successful and productive faculty and administrative meetings.

  • Leadership Development:  Fostering emerging to senior level managers.

  • Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, & Belonging:  Developing, supporting, and improving campus initiatives.

  • Program Assessment:  Establishing program measurement and analysis tools and systems.

Coach Training for Higher Education Leaders

The Academy for Higher Education Coaching provides practical, evidence-based, professional development courses designed specifically for people in Academic Medical Centers or equivalent settings who want to add coaching skills to their tool box in order to:

  • Increase employee engagement and organizational improvement

  • Foster innovation, creativity, and proactive problem solving

  • Improve patient care and patient satisfaction

  • Develop bench strength, emerging and future leaders

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examples of deliverables and results we have provided:

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