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Interview with co-founders Kara Penfield and Rob Kramer.
Podcast: Operate with Zen

Spiro Coaching Institute co-founders Kara Penfield and Rob Kramer are interviewed by the Academy for Academic Medical Center (AMCC)  graduate, Dr. Phil Pierorazio, host of the popular podcast, "Operate with Zen." This engaging discussion covers the impacts and value of coaching physicians, surgeons, and healthcare leaders, creating a culture of coaching, and the intersection of mindfulness, coaching, and professional development.  


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Management and Leadership Skills for Medical Faculty and Healthcare Executives, A Practical Handbook

*We are thrilled to share that Rob Kramer's book is, "helping solve the world's greatest challenges." It is among the top used publications from Springer supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): SDG3 Good Health and Wellbeing.


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Stealth Coaching: A Roadmap to Develop Independent Thinkers, Proactive Problem Solvers, and Exceptional Leaders

Designed for anyone wanting to make positive change in the world or simply in the day-to-day grind of work, the second edition of Stealth Coaching is a pragmatic and convenient tool that can be used in almost any context where more than one solution is possible.

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IHELP 360 Assessment: The Integral Higher Education Leadership Profile

We proudly offer the ONLY tool on the market that measures the competencies and skills uniquely specific to higher education senior leaders.

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Read Rob Kramer's article on implementing  Executive Feedback in Higher Education from the Chronicle of Higher Education.

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