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Executive Coaching

Organizations are allocating more than $1 billion annually for coaching because the ROI (return on investment) is seven times the initial expense.*

What is Coaching?

The aim of coaching is to help the client see new possibilities for thinking about a situation and supporting them in choosing action(s) they might take to get results that are better than the results they are getting now. 

Professional Coaching is a highly validated partnership between a coach and client, engaged in a thought-provoking and generative process. The coach acts as a strategic thinking partner, expanding the client's focus, thinking, and awareness of their opportunities and challenges. This interaction accelerates the client's progress and moves them into more informed and mindful action. Coaching is primarily a present and future focused tool reliant on the belief that clients have the ability to work through situations and develop their own solutions. (adapted from the International Coaching Federation, 2022, and Kramer, 2020**).

Typical Coaching Engagements

Spiro Coaching Institute typically works with a client over an agreed upon length of time or number of sessions. Typical engagements may be for 6-12 months and anywhere from 6-18 hour-long sessions. Coaching is typically conducted virtually, or can be in person, as allowable. 

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