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Leadership Consulting

Spiro Coaching Institute provides an array of services to leaders and teams, maximizing their goals and potential.  

A group of women at a business meeting
A group of women at a business meeting

Types of Services

​Examples of consulting Spiro Coaching Institute provides include:

  • Customized leadership development:  Fostering emerging to senior level leaders.

  • Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging programming and services.

  • Executive and senior leader evaluations: Performance reviews and robust assessment feedback processes.

  • Retreat facilitation:  Designing and guiding successful and productive faculty and administrative meetings.

  • Organizational development and effectiveness services.

  • Strategic planning:  Facilitating strategy analysis, goal setting, and action plans with resource integration.

  • Team building:  Supporting effective, high functioning executive and management teams.

What to Expect

Spiro Coaching Institute conducts an in-take process with the client, clarifying their situation, goals, and desired outcomes. The client will then receive a proposal, outlining the scope of work and recommendations for deliverables. The client and Spiro Coaching Institute will then work together iteratively to finalize the design. 

Spiro Coaching Institute will partner with the client throughout the process, conducting agreed upon check-in's and updates, and often including a final report or summation of the work, including recommendations for next steps, as warranted.

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